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5 Benefits of Working Out

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5 Benefits of Working Out

Socrates said, “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

What has changed? I discovered first hand what Socrates knew: there is beauty in pushing your body to its limits.

Working out to look good is not a powerful motivator. Working to master yourself is far more enticing.

Regular exercise brings better health, longer life, and yes, a hotter body. But the well goes much deeper. Here are 5 benefits of working out.

1. Learn to Expand Your Limits

CrossFit has shown me how to expand my limits, physically and mentally. The grit, determination, and mental toughness I found there I apply to my business and goals.

2. Learn How to Practice

From Olympic Weightlifting I learned the importance of quality practice. To execute a beautiful clean and jerk, you must follow precise steps. You train to do each part of the movement first in slow motion, later at full speed. Only when you master the basics can you handle some weight. Those that practice mindfully are rewarded: with the right technique, a weaker man can lift far more than an untrained colossus.

3. Find Mental Peace and Clarity

My gym is my church, my temple. My time there is sacred because it cultivates deep mindfulness. For one hour it’s just the bar and me; no thoughts, just the peace and joy of communicating with my body. Or it’s 20 minutes of maximum effort, a complete focus on the work at hand, a time where becoming lost in thought is impossible.

4. Eradicate Anxiety and Depression; Wipe out Stress

When you exercise with intensity you flood your system with endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel euphoric. The effects of endorphins are similar to morphine, and reduce your ability to feel pain. Who wouldn’t want to feel less pain? If you drink, smoke, or use drugs to excess, you’ll feel less need for those escapes. You’ll want to go to bed early and jump out of bed in the morning.

5. Explode your Confidence

When you lift 200 pounds over your head you feel invincible. When you run 800 meters for 5 rounds at high speed you feel unstoppable, even when lying broken on the floor after. From experience I can tell you, you will carry this self-esteem into your relationships, and into your work.

Exercise also boosts your testosterone levels, a hormone that gets a bad rap for its role in aggression, but on thepositive side boosts your ambition, determination, and your confidence, gives you more energy and sharpens your mind.

There is often a temptation to push the gym to the back burner, especially when that work project is due, the kids need to go to the dentist, or you’re just too damn tired.

When you feel that, don’t think – put on your shoes and get out the door. The hour at the gym will repay you threefold in productivity.

You don’t need to brutalize yourself every session, consistency is more important than intensity. Make exercise a habit and you’ll reap the benefits.

See you in class!

All the best.

Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO

We strive to educate people on healthy lifetime changes, to be the standard of excellence in functional fitness, and to do everything possible to encourage the best out of our athletes.

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