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A Biological Human Clock

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A Biological Human Clock

Our house, as well as half the state, is a little sick right now. It’s kinda hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. I just wake up every few hours.

Sleep is so important as you know. The stats are amazing. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping.

I don’t believe in excess but I heavily believe in investing yourself. Besides investing in your mind and body your sleep should be excellent. You spend decades in bed you should make it as comfortable as you like it.

What is the point in tossing and turning all night. What is the price you would pay to wake up refreshed and full of energy every day?

Get a nice bed and a few sets of nice sheets!

That is a different email though. If you haven’t yet you should check out the Circadian Rhythm. As humans get older they require less sleep. Babies need huge amounts of time and over 70 is much less.

But there is also the 24 hour cycle that is so interesting.

Trisha and I have 2 hens. Like clockwork they want out at sunrise and they want to go to bed at twilight. They are wired with the sunlight.

We are intended to sleep when its dark out and awake at sunrise. If you can achieve that kind of schedule your body should be more alert and you will be healthier.

You can read on your own when you have a minute.

An interesting thing I read is at a certain time in the day your body starts to get ready to sleep, cells and hormones change, melatonin is released. If you actually go to bed or fight through it your body still wants to go to sleep and you should let it.

Besides the binge watching of netflix I think most people miss that because they are to busy and finishing up things. The problem isn’t too busy but it may be the start of the day was bad.

It’s a cycle. If you sleep in, don’t get up early, have no energy in the am your whole day is behind.

It may take a few days to break the cycle but if you go to bed early, get up a little earlier (maybe with the sun) you will find you got more done in your day. When the time comes for bed you will feel accomplished and tired.

And now be in a good cycle.

I totally know life if life so things don’t and sometimes shouldn’t be like that everyday. But it’s something nice to strive for when you can.

See you in class.

All the best.

Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO


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