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Doug Dul - July 2018

My name is Doug Dul. I am 32 years old, originally from Milford, CT, but I grew up in Roxbury, NJ and graduated from Roxbury HS.

I'm a Physical Therapist, and graduated with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Southern California in 2011. For the past 7 years I've worked in an outpatient orthopedic practice at both of our offices in Rockaway and Succasunna.

My wife, Chelsea, and I live in Morris Plains and we've been married for almost a year (August 25th). Currently, our only roommate is a 9 pound dachshund/miniature pinscher rescue named Minnie, but our family will be growing soon as we are also expecting our first child on January 1st, 2019!

Outside of CrossFit, I have a very tight-knit family that I'm fortunate to see often, and we especially enjoy spending that time together down the shore. Chels and I love to travel and experience new places, cultures and people together. I'm usually watching something related to professional sports or binging the latest series on HBO/netflix/hulu.

Admittedly I’m a sucker for good pizza, a cold IPA and ice cream doesn’t stand a chance in my freezer. (Not CrossFit approved)

Growing up, my fitness had always involved organized team sports. I stayed in shape through college, but like most people after college my interests changed and my own fitness took a back seat to a busy work schedule. Being at the gym was always my time: my hour or 2 to put my head down, not interact with anyone, blow off some steam and decompress. I’m a much more pleasant person to be around when I make fitness a priority. When I did make it to the gym, my workouts were the same monotonous routine I had been doing for years, and cardio was optional. I followed some different sample workouts in health magazines or social media posts, but nothing really piqued my interest that much. Eventually, my sister, Kelsey, told me that there was a crossfit gym opening in Roxbury and thought we should check it out together. I had been interested in joining crossfit for a while, but I was intimidated by the Olympic lifting and higher level gymnastics, and I continued to use a history of sports related injuries as my excuse to not push myself and join. I knew that my workouts needed more variety, and I honestly wanted someone to tell me exactly what I would be doing each day so I didn’t have to think about it or try to plan something new. I told Coach Frank on the first day that I wanted to show up, get my ass kicked for an hour, and head home; and Coach Frank was more than happy to meet my demands.

I’m most proud of the fact that my sister and I started our crossfit journey together 18 months ago. We’ve been able to commiserate about sore muscles, congratulate one another on new PR’s and goals we’ve met, and we’ve even stepped out of our comfort zone together as partners in our first competition. I’m also proud that we have been with Frank from the day that he opened RCF. We have been able to see this amazing community of people grow, not only in the amount of incredible members who push themselves every day, but we’ve also seen the passionate and knowledgeable coaches that Frank has brought on to help motivate each of us on our own fitness journey. I’ve been inspired by this community to want to coach as well, and I’m taking my Level 1 certification on 6/16-6/17 in the hopes of joining the coaching ranks at RCF very soon.

I’ve learned that there’s always something to improve upon, and I will never hit a plateau or feel that my workout is monotonous again. The day you celebrate a new PR or finally perform that gymnastic movement you’ve been practicing is exciting, but prepare to be humbled by tomorrow’s workout; and that’s a great thing! Being able to look back on the growth and change over such a short time is remarkable.

My goals for the future are to help other people become more proficient, efficient and confident with their movement, to continue to scratch that competitive itch that I had been missing, and to have fun embracing the challenge of testing my fitness with each new workout of the day.

I’ve been reminded every day, in both my occupation and my workouts, that the body and the mind are 2 very powerful things. It’s awesome to look around the room after each workout and see how hard each person has pushed themselves to their individual max. Your ability doesn’t determine your effort, and it’s inspiring to see each member working their hardest towards achieving their own fitness goals. This community has brought a lot of amazing individuals into my life, and I’m thankful because they are people I otherwise might not have met. We are like minded in that we all want to live healthier and be a better, fitter version of ourselves, and we are all happy to push one another along the way.


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