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Doug Dul

Born in Milford, Connecticut and raised in Roxbury, New Jersey, Doug is a graduate of Roxbury High School. Doug is a Physical Therapist and graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Southern California in 2011. For the past 7 years, Doug has worked in an outpatient orthopedic practice in Rockaway and Succasunna.

Growing up, Doug's fitness had always involved organized team sports. He stayed in shape through college, but like most people after college his interests changed and his own fitness took a back seat to a busy work schedule. Being at the gym was always his time: his hour or 2 to put his head down, not interact with anyone, blow off some steam and decompress. Doug believes he is a much more pleasant person to be around when he makes fitness a priority. When he did make it to the gym, his workouts were the same monotonous routine he had been doing for years, and cardio was optional. He followed some different sample workouts in health magazines or social media posts, but nothing really piqued his interest that much.  Eventually, his sister, Kelsey, told him that there was a CrossFit gym opening in Roxbury and thought they should check it out together. Doug had been interested in joining CrossFit for a while, but he was intimidated by the Olympic lifting and higher level gymnastics, and he continued to use a history of sports-related injuries as his excuse to not push himself and join. He knew that his workouts needed more variety, and he honestly wanted someone to tell him exactly what he would be doing each day so he didn’t have to think about it or try to plan something new. Doug told Coach Frank on the first day that he wanted to show up, get his ass kicked for an hour, and head home; and Coach Frank was more than happy to meet his demands. 

Doug currently resides in Morris Plains with his wife, Chelsea and their 9-pound dachshund/miniature pinscher rescue named Minnie.


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